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Our goal this harvest season is to raise $100,000 by December 31st to further the research and hands-on work that is needed in the coming year. Check out our progress in the banner above!

Planting trees in the field

This year alone TACF will plant more than 20,000 trees in test and restoration plantings throughout Appalachia. Whether it’s test orchards, demonstration plots, or reforestation of damaged minelands, getting chestnuts in the ground helps us develop a stronger tree.

Breeding a diverse chestnut

Our 16 state chapters will establish 20 new breeding orchards in 2015. These orchards will produce regionally adapted blight-resistant American chestnuts.

Meadowview Research Farms

We are harvesting 70,000 seeds this fall, including 50,000 Restoration Chestnuts 1.0 – the most blight-resistant American chestnuts to date. We will also plant 12,000 trees in the spring.

Join the thousands of concerned people who, like yourself, believe that it is our responsibility to restore the American chestnut to our eastern forests.

Please make your gift to restore the American chestnut today.

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