Chestnut Appalachian Dulcimer Raffle

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Chestnut Appalachian Dulcimer Raffle

Raffle Ends Sunday 10/21/2018

Tickets on sale now - $10.00 each

Winning ticket will be drawn on Saturday evening,

October 27, 2018 at TACF's 35th Annual Meeting in Huntsville, AL

Participants do NOT have to be present to win


This year's raffle features a stunning Appalachian dulcimer, hand-crafted by the late Michael H. Meyerhoff and graciously donated by his daughter Sandra Meyerhoff. This distinctive dulcimer is a fretted four string instrument made from vintage American chestnut barnwood recovered in Maryland.

Michael was a talented artist, being self-taught in such art forms as hand spinning and weaving, blacksmithing and knife making, pen and ink drawing, leather crafts and beadwork. It was not long before his interest in woodworking would become his retirement plan. After hearing of an old American chestnut barn slated for demolition, both Michael and Sandra equipped themselves with a two-man saw, ropes and pullies, and a pickup truck. He milled the timbers, matching the grain to reflect the beauty of the wood. 

"This piece has a lovely tone, reflective of the clear streams and enduring heights of the Appalachian mountains, a place he loved to camp and hike in his younger years. He would be thrilled his one of a kind instrument played a small part toward reforestation of the tree he talked about most."

-Sandra Meyerhoff, daughter

Purchase your tickets today for your chance to take home this beautiful instrument!


The American Chestnut Foundation thanks you for your support.

All proceeds from this raffle benefit the restoration of the American chestnut and the Foundation.

Good Luck!

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